Anuprajna e-Journal

Anuprajna is a Refereed Indexed, Multilingual, Multidisciplinary, Peer Reviewed/Referred e-Journal. It’s managed and run by Swami Vivekanand Sarvodaya Bank Education College, Mehsana

Institute/Organization Profile Link: http://www.svsbedu.ac.in

Institute/Organization Publication Page Link: http://www.svsbedu.ac.in/downloads/publication/

What Journal Promotes

The journal promotes original academic research in Arts, Humanities, Education, Science, Social-sciences, Commerce, Business, Marketing, Management and key subjects of all faculties.

Journal’s Languages

Providing an insight, to transform lives is the motto. The Languages of Research Paper are English, Hindi, & Gujarati.

How It Works

It is Bi-Annualy Regularly published journal. Our Journal functions as an excellent online research paper which focuses on discourse in academics discipline. All manuscripts shall be peer reviewed and selection shall be based on the strength of quality, originality and contribution to knowledge.

Research Journals

Research journal focuses on critical and creative research. This journal seeks to promote original research and cultivate fruitful dialogues between previous and innovative thoughts.

Prime Focus

Prime Focus of the Journal to publish articles related to the current trends of research, education and innovation.